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TAO Motors D125 (FEATURED)

Tao Motor is the leader in proving family affordable experiences.  The ATA125D and D-R utility have been a long-time staple in the Tao Motor ATV line up.  Tao Motor designs, manufacturers and tests its ATVs.  We hope that we can provide encouragement for Off-road passion and give our consumers the confidence that anyone has the opportunity to join the Powersports family.

TAO Motors ATVs

Our ATV/quad can reach top speeds of 35 MPH and has a sport suspension giving you the ability to spin out at your heart's content. They have 19-inch front tires and 18 inch back tires.

As with all kids 4 wheelers, it comes standard with a remote kill and tether kill along with a remote start. The throttle can be limited to a reduced speed for learning and gives parents of learners peace of mind. This model comes in a large variety of colors including green, orange, white, red, black, and blue.

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